Bernhard Falk, M.Sc. Munich/Augsburg, Germany This is the personal blog of Bernhard Falk and it contains random thoughts about my personal and professional interests. As so many things in the web it is constantly work in progress, subject to change and never finished. About myself: I work for Chimera Entertainment in Munich as a game development project lead and former technical artist. My focus is the development of browser-based MMOS and mobile games (mostly Unity 3D). In 2008 I've made my Master of Science in computer science and multimedia at the University of Augsburg. I've specialized in computer graphics, virtual characters and human-computer-interaction. Still connected to academia, I'm teaching Game Dev at FH Salzburg and have done lectures for HFF München and some more. As for my artistic interests: I started regular life drawing in 2004 and have been fascinated by the human figure ever since.