Warstory – Europe in Flames

I’m very happy to announce that “Warstory - Europe in Flames” is now officially live. After over one year of development time Warstory is now open for everybody to play and enjoy. Warstory itself is a free-to-play strategy game set during World War II. It’s one of the first Silverlight-based MMOs on the market. And it has some unique gameplay mechanisms and technologies you won’t find in other browser-based games: E.g. a fast-paced realtime combat system, mass cooperation gameplay and many more. And it is also a personal milestone for me – my first large scale project as a project lead. I hope you’ll enjoy it: http://warstory.bigpoint.com Interested in the technology of Warstory? Please take a look at the official Silverlight Team announcement: http://team.silverlight.net/announcement/silverlight-enables-massively-multiplayer-gaming/ ps: Here is the trailer:

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