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By the end of this year, the contents of all 1,800 courses taught at one of the world's most prestigious universities will be available online to anyone in the world, anywhere in the world. Learners won't have to register for the classes, and everyone is accepted. The cost? It's all free of charge. The OpenCourseWare movement, begun at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2002 and now spread to some 120 other universities worldwide, aims to disperse knowledge far beyond the ivy-clad walls of elite campuses to anyone who has an Internet connection and a desire to learn. Intended as an act of "intellectual philanthropy," OpenCourseWare (OCW) provides free access to course materials such as syllabi, video or audio lectures, notes, homework assignments, illustrations, and so on. So far, by giving away their content, the universities aren't discouraging students from enrolling as students. Instead, the online materials appear to be only whetting appetites for more.
And the links: MIT: Stanford: Princeton: (wheee, Martin Scorsese: "Discusses Film-Making") Berkeley: and Purdue: Carnegie Mellon: Utah State: Tufts: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health: and University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering: Harvard: Openlearn: Connexions: Some big names there and maybe it is usefull for some of you guys. 🙂

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