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Spectacular Mammatus Clouds 3

Sorry, I’m a bit lazy with my posts. 😉 ->…mammatus.html

Renaissance 1

Character Design… 5

That’s what I’m working on right now… I’m not sure, if this is my final version. edit: It’s not. Little Update:

Friction Costs 1

How immature production practices and poor quality of life are bankrupting the game industry by Jason Della Rocca.

Tomb Raider Legend Review 3

Das ist nun mein 5. Versuch eine Kurzversion zu schreiben, ich neige etwas zur Ausschweifung… 😉 Ich freue mich ja schon seit einem Jährchen auf das Spiel, nachdem ich das Characterredesign zum ersten Mal gesehen habe. Und ehrlich gesagt, ich bin sehr erfreut. Der Developerwechsel hat der Serie sehr gut getan. Kurz zusammengefasst: Die Story […]

Sculpt with ZBrush 0

In the first of two tutorials exploring the power of organic sculpting package, ZBrush, 3D World asks ZBrush legend Zack Petroc to reveal the techniques he uses to transform a simple low-res mesh into a terrifying creature. Lesenswert und kostenlos. 🙂…/sculpt_with_zbrush ps: jaja,TRL Review… Kommt heute noch… Die DSL-Leitung mochte mich gestern mal wieder […]

Bollywood for the Skeptical 1

Just found the link to this site featuring a CD of selected bollywood music. Maybe you’ll like it. 🙂 A bit strange, but fun. “Chaiyya Chaiyya” is also the opening title of Inside Man. Great movie btw. Listen to this mix! It will make you twice as cool as you are now. Bollywood for the […]

Tomb Raider Legend 1

Ok, if you’re wondering about the lack of updates. It’s because of that game. I’ll try to write a little review today or tomorrow. Oh, and i’ve some words to say about the XBox 360 Controller for Windows…

xNormal and Maxwell 2

Take a look at this nice freeware app for normalmapping: Oh, and the Maxwell is finally released at April 26th.

Blizzard’s April Fool 0

Burgercraft! 😀