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First Reviews of THE FOUNTAIN 1

There was a screening of THE FOUNTAIN last night in Los Angeles. The upcoming film by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a dream). Here are the links:…reader_review_the_fountain.html I want to see this movie. Now! 😉

Doug Chiang on Episode I 1

Gamasutra features a nice video from the GDC 2000 with Doug Chiang talking about his design work on the first star wars prequel movie. In this video presentation from GDC 2000, legendary Star Wars designer Doug Chiang speaks about the film design for The Phantom Menace. The session reveals sketches, production paintings, digital paintings, and […]

Crysis 2

The new Crytec game. Amazing. Just watch it: GDC 2006 Trailer ps: In der neuen Edge gibts auch einen guten Artikel dazu.

CGPortfolio 7

Very nice: And it looks better than the one hosted by conceptart. 😉

Life Drawing II 2

It doesn’t happen too often, but I’m pretty happy with this one:

Andy Lomas 2

A must see: I think he really manages to combine art & computer science. Highly interesting work! At least for me… ps: The comment function feels a bit lonely. 😉

Alan Moore and V 2

MTV (yes, MTV) has a nice interview with Alan Moore online, where he talks a little about the movie version of ‘V for Vendetta’. -> Oh, and if you plan to read the original comic (what I highly recommend), try to get the black and white print. The coloring DC did in the 80’s […]

Steven Chen 0

Take a look at his demo reel. Only three characters, but definitly worth the download: This guys shouldn’t have problems finding a job. 😉

Keep it simple… 0

Die wahrscheinlich einfachste Portfolioseite der Welt: Trotzdem sehenswert.

Es geht schon wieder los… 0

CDU-Innenminister fordern Verbot von “Killerspielen” und noch ein paar andere Späßchen.