Monthly Archives: February 2006

Mr Angry & Mrs Calm 1

Nice optical illusion showing the influence of details.

Defcon 0

Endlich mal wieder ein Spiel nach meinem Geschmack. It’s Global Thermonuclear War, and nobody wins. But maybe – just maybe – you can lose the least. Simpel, hübsche Retrografik, ja was will man mehr. Da werf ich jedes Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 weg dafür.

Gnomon Workshop Live – Coverage 0 is presenting videos and interviews from the Gnomon Workshop Live in the next few weeks featuring guys like J.P. Targete, Sparth (Nicolas Bouvier), Syd Mead, Taron, Puddnhead, Mark Goerner, Mark Lefitz, Feng Zhu, Chris Nichols and Aaron Sims. Take a look.

German Engineering in da house 3

Check out the new VW GTI commercials. 😀 Un-Pimp My Ride

Value Studies 3

Currently I’m trying to improve my shading skills a bit. Here’s a first look, more to come… with reference: bw_head_refs_01.jpg no reference: bw_head_007.jpg bw_head_012.jpg bw_head_017.jpg edit: Sorry, I had some problems with thumbnails and the wordpress layout. Thus only textlinks.

Moss Graffiti 1

Why spraying paint, when you can paint moss? ->

Headerimage 0

I’ve just added a little headerimage to my blog. At first i was going to paint some little wacom pen writing pixels and shapes. Well, boring… Ok, you might say the abstract thing on top is also boring. But the idea behind this is the following: This blog is mainly about (computer) graphics. And there […]

Ultraviolet #2 1

Since you guys enjoyed the Ultraviolettrailer so much: At CrazyHunters you can get a first look at two action sequences. Enjoy! (well, they’re a bit ridiculous…)

*gähn* 2

Ähhh, zu viele Klausuren, zu wenig Zeit => wenig Schlaf heute Nacht… Am 17. zünde ich ‘ne Kerze an, wenn das alles gut gelaufen ist. so long. Updates dürften die nächsten Tage wohl etwas dürftiger ausfallen… ps: die neue “Battlestar Galactica”-Serie macht einen guten Eindruck. Damit hat mich wohl die Welt des Privatfernsehens wieder.

The Heart Of The World 2

As promised: The Heart Of The World a 5 min short film in the style of the expressionistic silent films. So if you like Metropolis, Nosferatu, etc. => watch it! This exhilarating short film, packs more of a wallop than any recent full-length movie. Evoking classic silents, the first horror films, chapter serials and propaganda […]